Silent Hill No Escape

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Audio Credits
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  • Silent Hill® video games for Playstation 2
  • Official Silent Hill® soundtracks (1, 2, 3, and 4)
  • John Anthony Mathewson, Samuel Drower, Jason Gervais, Christopher So, Christophe Frutuoso, Derrick Koo, and Samantha Dean at Broken Notes for their brilliant soundtracks (Check out their personal websites for more original tracks!)
  • Verachtung for his music contributions
  • Dave Dozer for his music contributions
  • Homunculus for permitting me to use his Silent Hill-inspired tracks and audio
  • Frank Sinatra soundtracks


Copyright © 2005 Silent Hill® No Escape
  Silent Hill® is a registered trademark of Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, Inc. ©
 Silent Hill® No Escape is in no way affiliated with Konami Entertainment. It is a work of fan fiction for
entertainment, non-profit purposes. Any media utilized belongs to it's creator, and is credited for his/her contributions.

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