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Silent Hill No Escape was a project for pure entertainment purposes. No profit was ever meant to be made off it, especially since the franchise was created by and belongs to Konami. As a result, the project was developed for over a year by one person - which included a small budget to fund the 3D elements - all for the sole purpose of free entertainment.

If you enjoyed it, and you wish to donate any amount of money to help me out (hey, I'm a poor college student!), please do so... I am a very appreciative person! No matter how much you donate, I thank you for doing so, and will reward you with +100 Karma. Thanks!!!


Copyright © 2005 Silent Hill® No Escape
  Silent Hill® is a registered trademark of Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, Inc. ©
 Silent Hill® No Escape is in no way affiliated with Konami Entertainment. It is a work of fan fiction for
entertainment, non-profit purposes. Any media utilized belongs to it's creator, and is credited for his/her contributions.

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