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Last Updated: 01-01-06
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Welcome to the newest addition to the website: The Vault (creative, ain't it?)! The vault is a place where the fans of both Silent Hill and No Escape can submit their artwork, and have it posted here for the world to see. It can be movie files, artwork, stories, or anything creative that falls into the Silent Hill category. I emphasize creativity because I won't waste space by posting a drawing slapped together in five minutes (or a story filled with grammatical errors)! I also encourage everyone to slap on their names and (optionally) any other copyright information right onto the piece of work so nobody can steal it without your consent. If it's artwork relating to my No Escape series, I might offer a few opinions before posting it here (positive or constructive).

Email me what you got! Use the navigation menu on the right to find your way around... it may change style in the future, depending on the amount of material I get, to increase efficiency.

Video Art


Still Artwork

Audio Art

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