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Q: How did you come up with the basic idea of what the movie would be about?
A: I'm a big fan of Philosophy, and Silent Hill is a very Philosophical world. One day, I was sitting in my Phil. class in college, and we were talking about a famous Philosopher named Friedrich Nietzsche, a troubled man whose mind caused him to become physically ill; tormenting. I'm like "wow, this guy would make a great character in the Silent Hill franchise".

Q: The games are incredibly symbolic and deep. Did you take this into account when in the pre-production stages of your movie?
A: Even before writing the script, I knew that there would be a ton of things I needed to get through to the viewer, but I didn't want them outright thrown into their faces. Instead, the deep thinker will find a ton of things that the average goer won't notice, and it is all heavily related to the storyline. Things such as Christian symbolism, mind and body relativity, and control are just some of the heavily implied allegory.

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