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Q: The movie is about a Philosopher. What kinds of Philosophies are presented in the movie?
A: Many, both Eastern and Western. I'd rather the Silent Hill community find them all :-)

Q: What's with the Old-Cinema filters?
A: It's intentionally used to give a clear visual clue of separation...

Q: It must be hard trying to get points through in a very visual film where speech isn't present.
A: Yup... it is. Because subtitles are used, I can't slow the movie down with long conversations. Some things are said, others are implied, and the rest are present on this site.

Q: Can we expect a Silent Hill-esque twist ending, such as "OMG he twas ded the hole time!11!!1!"
A: Twist endings are such cheap tricks, but when used right, they work. No Escape is a straight forward, linear story, so I provide enough pieces of the puzzle to foreshadow the ending long before you see it... but if you don't pick up on these pieces, the puzzle may come as a surprise. So no, it's not a twist!

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