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Q: How limited are you due to time constraints?
A: Very, but I try to work around them. Because the technical process bogs me down so much, the movie must be limited to a shorter running time. Because of this, a lot of things must be taken into consideration, and therefore the pacing is very critical. To go from an apartment to a hospital, prison, and hotel in a one hour timespan would be ridiculous.

Q: Why a completely different story, and not one based off the Silent Hill franchise?
A: The Silent Hill franchise belongs to Konami, so it's their story. To take their story and modify it to my liking would be cruel and disrespectful. My story is completely original, and merely takes place in the Silent Hill universe to avoid any plot collisions that may occur. However, there are some throwbacks to the Konami story present in my own.

Q: Will there be any sequels?
A: Nothing planned, but if there is, it wouldn't be a direct sequel. This story will have closure, so a direct sequel wouldn't work.

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