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Q: Why the name Michael Jones, and why such a boring wardrobe.
A: Why names like Harry, James, and Henry? These are stereotypical American names, so I tried to pick one that fit the franchise. As for the boring gray sweater and blue jeans, I wanted the character to look very normal and average, and even a little depressing. He just woke up one day in his jeans, decided to throw on a sweater, and take out the garbage... and so it begins.

Q: How did you come up with the monsters?
A: They all have a relation to the main character in some form or another. Their design is explored more in the Movie Technical area of the FAQ.

Q: What exactly is Michael's goal in the story?
A: What would your goal be if you were suddenly thrown into a weird, empty world where escape is impossible? It would be to find answers. Michael desires truth; truth about himself, his existence, and his world. He wants to know what is happening to him and the reality he perceives.

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