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Q: What's with the annoying flickering and twitchy animations?
A: Like I've said, I'm learning as I go along. The flickering, I believe, is caused by low resolution shadow maps which I used to speed up rendering times, but for the most part, this will be resolved in future episodes. The twitchy animations, like Michael's walk, is because I am not an animator... but again, this will be better as the project progresses. Think of Parts 1 and 2 as "experimental" episodes.

Q: How can I get into 3D animation? It seems so hard!
A: If I can do it, you can do it. It takes a lot of patience and tedious work, such as hand keyframing and rotoscoping. If you have a passion to do it, then you will succeed. Simply get started with a cheap program like Poser, or download trial versions of other programs. It is VITAL that you utilize their tutorials! You simply can't just figure out what each function does simply by clicking on it.

Q: This movie doesn't look photorealistic like Final Fantasy!
A: That's because I'm one guy, with limited programs, with an inferior PC, with no professional experience, and limited time... I prefer you think of the project as an in-game movie.

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