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Q: Tell me more about creature design.
A: The monsters are vital to the movie's plot, and they all are related to the main character in one form or another. I tried my best to put on-screen what was originally in my head, with a few exceptions due to my limitations. You can find these creatures in the Cast section of the website.

Q: The sound is familiar.
A: Most of it is ripped from the Silent Hill games, and the music is from the Silent Hill soundtracks. A lot of sounds are edited with a program I have called GoldWave, and others are simply royalty free that you can find anywhere on the net. I suggest you experience the movie with good headphones and the sound turned up to fully appreciate the sound design that the Silent Hill team had accomplished with their franchise.

Q: How long does it take to render a shot?
A: A four second shot, rendered in multiple passes (to keep my PC from blowing up), takes roughly a total of 5 to 6 hours. Some shots took up to 24 hours due to their complexity! Of course, there are exceptions. I usually just left my PC running all day and night to keep the work process flowing smoothly.

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