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Q: So you claim to have very little CG experience, eh?
A: I have no professional experience in the field. Any CG I know is from what I've taught myself during past projects. It's a growing process, and is extremely tedious. I'm still learning even as I progress in this project, and the amount of knowledge it takes to understand CGI is astounding.

Q: What programs do you use?
A: The 3D rendering is done by a cheap, user-friendly program called Poser by Curious Labs. Because it's so cheap and easy, it's not nearly as good as professional programs like Maya or 3D Studio Max... and it shows. It's also intended for still artwork, so the animation functions are very limited. For post work, I use Adobe After FX, Virtual Dub, Adobe Photoshop, and I compress files with Sorensen Squeeze. I edit with the EXTREMELY (insert explicit dialogue here) Pinnacle Sudio. Because I'm cheap at the moment, I can't afford a better editing program, so I have this piece of crap. It renders at a lower resolution that I intend, as well.

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