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Q: Why did you decide to make this movie?
A: I appreciate everyone's attempt at making a fan film, but I believe that a movie such as Silent Hill is just un-filmable with a low or non-existent budget. I decided I would try it in CG format before the actual film comes out.

Q: What do you think about the Silent Hill movie currently in development?
A: From what I understand so far, I have high hopes for it, and the Director/Screenwriters have a passion for Silent Hill which is essential (not that they're trying to make a quick buck off the franchise). I hope, artistically, it stands out from all the other Hollywood junk out there.

Q: Do you have any future plans to develop more CG movies?
A: Maybe, depending on the audience reactions. They are very tough, and take a lot of work, but I have no regrets. I hope that this project will influence others to make CG short movies, or at least animated shorts if they have a life, unlike me. If I see a better CG Silent Hill project out there in the future, I would be pleased, not vengeful.

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