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Q: How do I know who is talking by the subtitles?
A: When Michael talks, the subtitles are standard. When another character talks, they are Italic and off-white in color. The only exception is in Part 2 when the Priest says his first line... that is because I forgot to change the subtitle style, and I had already rendered it! Fortunately, he clearly speaks on-screen, so you shouldn't get confused.

Q: Did I just hear Frank Sinatra?
A: Yup.

Q: How limited are you technically?
A: Very, very limited. Unfortunately, I can only modify model shapes, sizes, and textures, and add things to them like wardrobe and accessories. I do not know how to model very well, and my animation skills are very limited. Everything you see has been credited to it's creator, and most has been modified. All the characters, creatures, and world designs are my own, but instead of building from scratch, I've built off of other existed models either bought, donated, or downloaded for free.

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